One Thought Burning

Album: To Have And To Have Not (2012)

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Song: Down the Drain

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Formed from the ashes of several metalcore/hardcore acts, One Thought Burning is here to become the new face of Tough Guy Hardcore.

Vocalist Rod Hellfex and Guitarist/Vocalist Iron Fury first played together in Wilmington, DE's Under Siege several years ago. Around this time is when drummer Mike "Mickey" Fahroin played in the first incarnation of One Thought Burning.

But all good things come to an end. Rod would leave Under Siege to front Pig Kids Pissed and Crying (aka PKPAC), while Fury would try to carry on with Under Siege. Constant lineup shuffles forced Mickey to put One Thought Burning "on ice" before their demo was even completed. All in all, they hoped to move on to bigger and better things.

But sometimes, in order to get "bigger and better," you got to get right back where you started from. Which is why, after all these years, Mickey is back with One Thought Burning. And Iron Fury and Rod Hellfex are in it with him, working together for the first time in forever. Now, with the addition of Ronnie Delco on bass, One Thought Burning is ready to melt your face with raw, blistering Tough Guy Hardcore, the way it was meant to be played.

Having completed the 8-song CD "To Have and To Have Not," One Thought Burning have a bright future ahead of them. "With not everyone living in the same area," explains Hellfex. "We can't play out like in the old days. And I'm not sure when that will change. But we already have one great album. And you bet your stars and your stripes that we're gonna give you more."

"I like the way these assholes took over my band," adds Mickey. "They're much better than the assholes who took it over in the past."